February 1, 2011

Bhastrika Breath

In 2011 I am committed to bringing all of you, my family and friends, movements and meditations that will bring you health and happiness. I was once told "we can only share what has healed us", so in honor of all of my amazing yoga and dance teachers throughout the years I will share with you what has made my life more magical ~ one movement at a time.

This video is of Bhastrika Breath. Taught to me by Psalm Isadora, it is something I teach in almost all of my classes. It energizes me and makes me feel strong, powerful and clear. I practice bhastrika for two rounds of at least one minute each. For more information on this kriya visit www.psalmisadorayoga.com where Psalm shares the history of this practice with us through an online tutorial.

Let me know what you think!