February 12, 2010

An Adventure of the Spirit

January 30, 2010

Today I said my goodbyes to my teacher and the group as they all headed to the airport, off for more adventures. My adventure at the ashramam continues as a solo journey... I wanted to give myself time to process all of the work we've been doing.

Two days ago I was initiated into the Sri Vydia lineage of yoga; a system that focuses on the body as a sacred temple. I was bathed in milk and honey. The women I was with were in a constant state of prayer and for that time I was the focus of the divine feminine in all of us. I cannot tell you what it means to know that this lineage exists, and that is practice of Goddess worship is alive and well.

To know you are sacred is one thing, but to have another adorn you as a Goddess is another... all women, all men even, would be blessed to have this experience. The magnitude can't be expressed through words, just as you can't ever really describe a dance.

So I have two more days here; to sit in the temples, drink chai with my new friends and over eat when they bring us chipatis and coconut chutney! Then I am off to Mamallapuram and Ponducherry - more adventures and miracles await! And I am ready to meet them.



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