February 12, 2010

Off To India

January 14th, 2010

I'm flying to India tonight. I'm meeting my teacher and her Guruji at the DeviPuram ashram. We will be there for two weeks delving into our spirits and letting loose of our egos through prayer and movement.

People are all so different in our expressions and unique gifts. One of my gifts is a profound enjoyment of the body; physicality has always held ecstasy. I was reliving the moment of my first steps with my parents the other day. Together they watched as at 81/2 months I ran, with shrieks of joy, from my father's arms, into my mother's. She turned me around and off I went again, flapping my arms for balance and moving as fast as I could.

Dance and yoga still have that exhilarating effect on me- and there aren't many feelings better than being surprised my your own body, and finding joy in it. So I travel to India knowing that my path to God is also through the body, that this joy of movement has chosen to express itself through me, and it is my calling, desire and duty to experience it. I am so thrilled to go, and equally as thrilled to come home and share my what I learn with all of you; my friends.


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