April 28, 2010

I'm Controversial!

Or rather, the advertisement I'm in is!

Two months ago I flew to Palm Springs to shoot an ad for lululemon athletica. Visit "Yoga+Modeling in JTree" for the full story.

This picture is part of the magic that came of it and it's causing quite a stir in our yoga community. Blogs such as yoganonymous.com and yogadork.com have written about it to find out people's opinions; taking polls to see if people "don't care" or "think it's offensive" and people are really engaging in the conversation.

The topics being brought up are about body image, self-consciousness, feminism, fabric technology and even hygiene... all kinds of really interesting and important thoughts are being traced to this little ad. So lululemon has done it's job. I've been working for the company for almost three years and our goal is always to provoke thought and engagement. If an ad can do this, it's brilliant, even if it's a little "lowbrow".

My opinion; I think it's hilarious and I'm quite sure I'll never live it down. I have to have FUN with this, which is the most important point of the ad...
"Life is too short to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde.

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  1. Love your attitude about this picture (which is beautiful by the way) and the surrounding ad campaign.

  2. Lovely . . .

  3. Hey Sarita--

    I, too, find the ad to be grin-inducing. I also dig the dialogue amongst the community in regards to it. We yogis sure do take themselves seriously!

    The Wilde quote, aside from being an all-time-for-life motto, is perfect here.

    Also: Beautiful posture! Nice work!