April 19, 2010

Music Video Magic

Let me paint the picture for you. It's my birthday and one of the first beautiful days of spring. The sun is setting over Manhattan and I am dancing on concrete slabs overlooking the East River. The music I'm dancing to is lush and inspiring. Why? I'm filming a music video. I'd love to tell you who the musician is - but this will remain a secret until the video is released later this summer.

What I do want to share with you is that the day was transcendent and renewed my vigor for sharing dance and movement, especially in outdoor spaces. When the day is gorgeous, what better way to celebrate then by being in your body?

Over the course of the video shoot I had an audience of about 20 people (the location was fairly private). Some really watched, others danced a few steps also, some tried to tune me out while focusing on the sunset, and others tried not to watch too intrusively. Whatever way they watched I know my movement had an impact on them.

Ideally they left inspired and went and signed up for some healthy activity... but that's too much to ask for. What I really hope is that somewhere in their mind there is a little dancing Sarita, that encourages them to be in their body.

So go on, be brave and get moving outside. Who knows who you'll inspire!

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